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The election is quickly approaching and with less than 2 months left before November 6, 2018 I've bought this domain. Any democrat running in Louisville for Metro Council, Kentucky State House or Kentucky State Senate that didn't buy their domain name is welcome to contact me.  

The SEO value and ability to rank a site takes at least 3 to 6 months, according to research. I'll start working on the domains as advertisements for my SEO and Web Design and if a candidate wants a site I'll be happy to discuss it.

If you're serious about running for office
you need more than Facebook pages.

Recent research showed 0% of US Congressional campaigns that only had a Facebook page won in 2016

Colleen Younger

Web Counter Number of times a candidates message wasn't heard.

Responsive Design

I've worked on a couple local campaigns and delivered measurable results.  If you'd like to review some client reporting I'd be happy to share what I am allowed too.  Most of the sites I build are WordPress because of their ease of use but I am confident in my HTML and CSS abilities.

Political SEO for Campaigns

Due to the popup nature of an election site and often the tight budget Political SEO work is somewhat different than regular SEO.  You can check out my thoughts on this at

Data Collection, Analysis and Management

I've built SQL databases populated with crime reports, voter statistics, city finances and more. With over a dozen data sources and using Google Data Studio and Google Fusion Tables I can deliver enterprise grade reporting to your campaign or business.

Cloud Computing

Hosting doesn't have to limit your ability to deliver your message online to a local audience. I don't generally offer web hosting even though I opperate multiple web servers from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.  I design cloud envionments to meet client needs and let them host themselves usually for less than they'd pay someone to host their site.


Contact Matthew Leffler about this or another SEO, Web or Cloud project.